Yeah.  It seems I dropped the ball again.  I let a lot of time go between updates.  Mainly because I got really lazy... BUSY! 

So, the NEW STUFF link has aged and been changed to "OLD NEW STUFF" and the actual newest stuff is under the subtle heading of "2015".

Investigate the Adventure du Jour: Paris (one man's struggle to maintain sanity during his family's temporary work move to France) and Seattle (the same man's struggle to figure out what the crazy people in the Pacific Northwest were actually about) in the Archives. 

And finally, I'm going to keep the advertisements around.  They've made me a miniscule amount of money and now I can't live without that zero point zero two cent income stream they provide on a semi-annual basis.  Besides, they're pretty inoccuous and out of the way.


Latest Updates:


2015: Nature Walk (Run)  (05/08/15)

How another group of people made "The List"

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