The (Not Quite) Daily

There are small events, interesting comments, and/or generally funny stuff that happens every day.  Some of those are worth telling, but not exactly up to the level of a full-fledge story.  You know, Facebook and Twitter update kinds of things. 



Dinner at Applebee's and Johnathon was being a royal pain in the behind. He was fussing about the placemat he had, he didn't want to order anything, he cried when a crayon broke. It wasn't exactly fun. But our server, Kat (short for Katherine), was nice and was trying to get him to eat his dinner. Near the end of the meal, she asked if he would like a box, he said yes, and she said, "I'll bring one in ten minutes, that way you can eat just a bit more."
Johnathon wanted nothing to do with his meal. But I had seen how our extremely shy boy was getting all that attention from our server. "Johnathon, we saw you flirting with her," I said. "You won't have to eat your chicken if you ask for her number."

And... he asks for her number!

She was beet red with embarrassment. Heather's eyes were as round a saucers and we were all laughing hysterically. Needless to say, he didn't have to finish his chicken.

Kat was kind enough to write him a note:





The teachers at my son's preschool have the children write their names as a sign-in procedure.  Today, the signing in exercise involved writing their names in the column(s) that signified what pets they had at home. 

I asked Johnathon what the first pet was. 

He read, "Dog." 

I pointed at the second, and he replied, "Cat." 

The third was a bit more difficult.  His teacher said, "You can do this, just say the first letter and you'll know." 

Johnathon looked at the word, "B!", he said excitedly.  "But why would anyone have a Bat as a pet?" (It was Bird).