The List

There are... things... that annoy me.  There are people that do the same.  There are even places and ideas that do it.  Of these nouns that annoy, some have achieved a status worthy of acknowledgement and disdain.



"How can anyone hate popcorn?"  I've heard this question so many times that the question is almost as bad as my hatred of popcorn.  Why does popcorn get my gall?  A small flashback is in order:

Back in my freshman year in college, my dormitory room was located beside the common room.  The common room contained the only microwave for two entire floors of students who were living for the very first time in their entire lives away from home.  And their parents who knew how to operate cooking equipment. Students who would place a bag of microwave popcorn in the microwave, turn it on, and get distracted by whatever shiny object they happened to see in the before the time expired.  Students who would burn said microwave popcorn to a degree where the smoke would set off fire alarms (a common occurence in dormitories).

Burnt popcorn stinks.  Popcorn smoke clings to everything.  And did I mention that my room was right beside the microwave?

Thus, I hate popcorn.  The very slightest whiff of improperly popped kernals are enough to make me nauseous.

Pretzels Popcorn's legacy is that I hate the smell of burn food. Hard pretzels have a burnt smell. Thus I hate pretzels.
University of Pittsburgh  (aka Pitt)

I am a graduate of West Virginia University.  It is a matter of honor that WVU grads and Pitt grads have a certain level of disdain for each other and their alma maters.  Even though each team is in a different athletic conference, this rivalry will continue well beyond the heat death of the universe.

It has been speculated that another rival will emerge from the current athletic conference that WVU finds itself in.  A rivalry will develop, but no opponent, no matter the reasons, shall surpass the mutual loathing Mountaineers have for Panthers (and vice versa).

NJ Energy Providers There is a subclass of human business calling themselves "energy providers".  These businesses do not actually provide energy to your home.  LThey call your home often.  And by often, I mean at least two to three times a week, usually around dinnertime.  Then they offer incredible electric rates for SIX MONTHS, which will be much less than your current ones, even though the company you are getting your electric from does not change.  What happens after six months?  I don't know.  Every time I ask the person on the phone trying to get me to switch to their "service" the connection gets bad or lost.
Mother's Day

Let me be clear:  I do believe that there should be a day in which a mother is honored for her role in raising her children.  What I hate about Mother's Day is the fact that the honoring has become a major expectation of SERIOUS gift giving.  Thanks to a certain greeting card company (who may be on this list sooner than later) Mother's Day has become a a pain in the butt for father's everywhere.  I mean, Mother's Day 2014 saw me going to a jewelery store, having to give my name, and then I had to wait for almost an hour before anyone could help me.  All for what?  "But I wanted..."

Folding Laundry

One my least favorite things to do is fold and put away laundry.  I hate it.  Why?  Well, when laundry is washed and dried, it is something that everyone can see.  Clothes that were once in the "dirty" laundry basket are no longer there.  Clothes that once had a strange smell, a "funk" if you will, have lost that foul odor, having it replaced with a fresh, clean, scent.

Once the clothes put away, no one can see the accomplishment.  No one can say, "Hey! Thanks for doing the laundry!"  All positive reinforcement is gone.  As a person who functions better with praise, putting away of laundry has no reward.

The only pleasure I take from the deed is leaving all my families' clothes inside out.  Because if they can't take the extra time to take them off right, I'm not going to take the extra time when I'm putting them away.

Birdwatchers I know I've only encountered three people who I thoroughly believe to be birdwatchers, but I've come to the conclusion that they're assholes.  They failed to even nod their head in reply to a gracious morning greeting as I ran past them on a trail.  And seriously, three birdwatchers has to be a pretty big percentage of the total number of birdwatchers in the world, so my sample size is high enough to support my conclusion.

The list continues to grow...